What does your hair say about your personality?


Did you know that your hairstyle can show that you are depressed? Your hairstyle tells a lot about your personality, and it could also be a sign that you are comfortable with yourself. When you pay attention to your appearance and take time selecting your clothes, you’re demonstrating that you value yourself and others.


What does your style say about you? Of course, your personality represents the icing that creates a simply delicious fashion cake or well it could turn out a little less than delicious. This is one way to rationalize buying fabulous shoes for yourself, the same way you consider shoes and cloth very important part of your personality that gives your that special uniqueness, it is also the same way that your hairstyle tells a lot about your personality from within.


Obviously, your hairstyle determines how attractive you can, once you hairstyle looks goods and suit you, it gives your fashion personality a positive attraction. It is said that attractive people are treated better, kinder and even receive more in their paychecks. This phenomenon is said to flow throughout every aspect of life. In an article by Kate Lorenz, titled “Do pretty people earn more?” it states that “according to economics professors Daniel of the University of Texas and Jeff Biddle of Michigan State University, plain people earn 5 to 10 percent less than people of average looks, who in turn earn 3 to 8 percent less than those deemed good-looking which is based on their hairstyle.

If You Take Good Care Of Yourself

Become the person your dream yourself to be by exercising and taking good care of your body and also your hair because not only your body says a thing about you, but your hairstyle also speaks about you. You’ll find yourself in a much better mood. You’ll be less annoyed by others, and you’ll be less self-critical. Taking care of yourself and paying attention to fashion isn’t silly or selfish – in fact, it’s vital to your overall mental health. When you’re dressed in your favorite shoes and clothes, people respond to you differently. Whether it’s fair or not, people respond positively to attractiveness. While you can’t control your facial features or your frame, you can control your style and your personality.

When you leave home every day think of things like this; What message is my outfit conveying? Have I smiled today? (smiles welcome positive responses) What kind of shoes am I wearing? (It used to be said that you could determine the character of a man by the quality of his shoes. Believe it or not, your shoes communicate your attention to detail.) At the end of the day, dressing well depends on your style it is also important to consider your hairstyle in that manner.


Everyone defines style differently. Fashion gives you a rare opportunity to be creative and innovative, every day. Always feel good when you get a unique hairstyle done. Get that hairstyle you have been dreaming about, and it’s okay to try a new hair color too. The point is to do your best each day. Remember to put on your personality as well as a fresh outlook on life. Check out more: http://www.prohairbiosystems.com/short-hairstyles-for-women-look-sexy-with-shorter-hair/