The Coolest Spring 2018 Hair Color Ideas

Today we are going to be looking at the coolest spring 2018 color ideas.

Low Lights

The low lights are like best for someone who is blonde and they want to make their hair look healthier, make it look more blended and kind of give them like an updated look. Low lights are mostly good on anybody with like lighter hair that wants to have more dimensions. So next time if you are in the hair salon and you feel like your hair is kind of dull or like lacking luster or any type of just like contrast tell them to put high or low lights in there with your highlights. I think you are really going to like the result and just ask them to do it like if you don’t want anything too dramatic but you want to do something that is two to three levels darker than your natural color.


So next we are moving on to balayage. Balayage is really confusing for people; number one because it is so hard to pronounce I have heard Booliage, Balayaee or all these crazy terms. So it is hand painted highlights that is what it is called, so I’m sure you guys have seen this in the hair salon where people don’t use foils and they are actually taking the brush and people actually use paint brushes now which is pretty cool but they actually paint the hair with their hands. It is a really cool technique. Why it is so great is because it makes it look more natural and sunkissed instead of like the highlight where you could tell it was like constructed. You could see every little piece was purposefully put there that is what is so beautiful about balayage. It really does look like it was just done naturally, so it is a beautiful option for somebody who wants to have a more natural look and doesn’t want to look like they just got their hair done at the salon I would totally go for balayage.


Ombre is the more extreme version of pretty much every hair color so Ombre is the contrast between dark and light and if you want something that is more dramatic tells your stylist to do something like this but make sure that when you are getting your ombre to keep lighter pieces around your face. You don’t want to walk out of the salon obviously looking horrible with a really  bad ombre that is pretty much called a dip dye so explain to your stylist that when you do get an ombre you want it to blend you don’t want it to just be actually two different colors make sure that’s not taken in a very literal sense.


Next we are going to do sombre, this is newer this has come out recently it is my favorite style out of all of them pretty much. A Sombre is a subtle ombre so when you go in and you really like the dark contrast but maybe you don’t want something that dramatic and that like two toned and different, sombre is your way to go. The difference is there are actually highlights blending up into it and it still has like a dark blended root but these go up further than an ombre but they don’t go as high as balayage and they don’t do the same thing as highlight.