Hairstyles for Women Over 40 and 50

Have you thought about pixie haircuts for women? When you reach a certain age you start to think that your hair must look boring, but why? Just because you have reached 40 and over, it doesn’t mean to say you have to be boring and look like an 80-year-old grandmother! Far too many people think they need to be a little more sensible and older or mature looking but you can do that without losing your lovely hair! Read on to find a few simple hairstyles for women of 40 and 50!

The Short Asymmetrical Look

You don’t have to look like your grandmother yet! You can opt for a simple but very age-appropriate asymmetrical hairstyle. This is a short style but it has a little more fun available! Brunette hairstyles for women can be fun and great looking and it offers a little more snap! You can opt for a shorter hairstyle but the cut doesn’t have to be too short. This is a great and very modern hairstyle for those over 40 or 50. It’s practical but not too hard to manage which is ideal to say the least. see more tips from

Medium, Shoulder Length Hair

If you don’t want to go too short why not choose the medium length hairstyle? You can choose a shoulder length hairstyle, straight cut that enables you to keep your lovely locks but offer a more age appropriate hairstyle. A lot of people think if they reach 40 and over it means they have to go well short but that really isn’t the case. You can have great hair, even if it’s past your shoulders. You can style it in a lot of different ways and have a lot of fun with it too. Pixie haircuts for women might not suit everyone.

Have You Thought About The Side Fringe With Bangs?

salon businessWhy not choose a side fringe with neck length hair? This can be a simple hairstyle to work with and the best thing of all is that you can add bangs and offer your hair a little more bounce and volume. Again, women often think bangs aren’t for people their age but as long as you get the right cut any look can work for you. Brunette hairstyles for women can be very simple and very elegant. You can carry off a great and very simple look if you want to.

Love Your Hairstyles

When women reach 40 and over, they can sometimes think it’s time to give up their locks and opt for a granny look, but why? Life starts at 40! You can absolutely get great hairstyles that match your style and needs. You can choose a hairstyle which is practical, modern, and very appealing. There are so many amazing hairstyles for you to choose and it can make you look great no matter your age. Age is simply a number! You can look smart, elegant, and very classy with the right hairstyle. There are pixie haircuts for women or the longer looks are great too.